About Blake

About Blake Lively

About Blake Lively

Blake Lively bio is most interesting thing for her fans. It seems that every move young actress makes is important, every word she says makes an influence. It is not a coincidence, Blake Lively young age and high achievements inspires people all around the world.

Blake Lively birthday is on August 25. She was born at 1987. Birth place- Los Angeles, California. All Blake Lively family works in a show business; father is an actor, mother a talent scout. So it is not surprisingly that young star rotates in the entertainment world from her young days. Both Blake Lively parents’ show business careers went successful and both are adored for their talent. All four older daughters and son of them are also actors.

It seems that Blake Lively biography was determined from her birth, but no one can deny her talent. Her first grade began when she was only 3 years old; it was because her brother, who was then 6, was afraid to attend school alone. But everyone understood it was a mistake and actress had to wait few years. Young star states that only animals, especially Blake Lively dog helped for her to recover every time she changed her school, because it happened 13 times.

The biggest shock for actress fans was photos, in which they saw Blake Lively smoking. But finally it turned out that someone just joked and it was a Photoshop. People know, that actress lives healthy style of life and it would be incompatible. So for those who considers, does Blake Lively smoke, she personally response no.

No matter that Blake Lively family was moving from one town to another so often, actress describes her childhood as happy one. Her parents’ love mended everything, and you can see that from the glow in her eyes.