Blake Career

Blake Lively Career

Blake Lively Career

There are only few adults who doesn’t know Blake Lively name. It is not just because of the actress popularity, but also because her perfectness. Over few years young star became icon of girls and woman all around the world. Everything- her look, talks, walk inspires to brace up and become similar to her.

When Blake Lively appears on the scene – everyone stares. It is hard not to stare at her long light hair and perfect shape of body. It is not coincidence that Blake Lively represented perfume, named GUCCI PREMIERE became so popular all around the world, people know- actress wouldn’t advertise them if they wouldn’t please her taste.

Perfume premiere wasn’t first time when Blake Lively acted like a model. Young star performed in campaigns like- L’Oreal, Chanel, Gucci and many others. Fans believe it is not the end, because everyone agrees that actress became more and more beautiful every day. Everyone eagerly waits what she will prepare next.

Blake Lively became fashion icon for most girls all around the world. Everything started from her performance in Gossip Girl serial. Posh famous brand clothes and perfect Serena body fit perfectly, no matter what she does, no matter where she goes. And no one goes to change it.