Blake Video

Blake Lively filmographie is wide enough to compete with known and quite old actors. She began her career at 11, at film Sandman (1998). It wasn’t main role, but good beginning for young girl. Blake Lively movies, especially The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, were so popular, that she won a nomination for Teen Choice Award.

Blake Lively movies list wasn’t stopped. Later, in 2006 actress took minor role in film Simon Says. That earned her Breakthrough Award, what is a big recognition. In 2007 actress played in Elvis and Anabelle, where she played Anabelle- one of two minor roles. After release, movies of Blake Lively became so popular, that her Golden Age started.

It seems that, no matter what, Blake Lively movie will be always successful. With every new production, young actress grows, her performance advances. That’s why Blake Lively movie list supplements every year. It is not surprising any more that her role brings success everyone likes her acting.

Blake Lively filmography consists from movies like- Accepted, Simon Says, Elvis and Anabelle, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, New York, I Love You, The Town, Green Latern, Hick, Savages and Adaline. And we believe it is only beginning of young actress list, because acting is her vocation. Movies with Blake Lively means success.

It is not surprising that after acting together, many colleagues fall in love. No exception is Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio relationship. Unfortunately everything lasted only 7 months, but both agree- it was LOVE. Many of fans went upset when they heard about their brake up, because both- Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively talent and beauty matched flawlessly.

Many of actress fans were crazy about Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling relationship, but it seems that everything was just rumors. It is not surprising that people though that way, because in Gossip Girl series everything looked so authentic. Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling love existed only in TV screens, but fans of both actors would not oppose for it.

It seems that talented actress will please us in the future, but it is also believed that theatrical isn’t enough for Blake Lively. Now we can only guess her talents, but there are plenty of them.